Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Transatlantic Sketchbook Project 2012

So this post is a tiiiny bit personal but it's still related to design so thats okay right? Anyway this is The Sketchbook Project 2012. Pretty much the sketchbook project is participated by hundreds of artists and designers all over the world. All the books are sent by a given time to New York and are put on display in various art galaries throughout the US and Canda. It does actually come over to the UK but only to London (booooo!) I did email suggestions of The Baltic and Tullie House but I doubt that'll happen. I signed up to do this in the summer and chose "Transatlantic" as my subject. The sketchbook is of horrendous quality and I have rebound most of it myself. To be fair I haven't even started the project but I will when I have free time (lol, free time?). If you want your work on display over the world and would like a fun project to do then sign up!

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