Thursday, 15 December 2011

Poster, possibly...I think so

After many edits and revisions I think I have settled with this as my poster. Trying to bring the fun and cutesy/sexyness of high heels. I hope It works.

I am ready for Christmas now, wish me luck in the crit. Got a feeling I'm going to get a verbal lashing!

A.V Animation Induction

A.V Induction with Dave today this is my animation with Luvena and Nicola. It's so cute!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

A History of Western Typefaces (Info Graphic)

Going back to  previous briefs I thought this was really intresting.

Since apparently blogspot doesn't like the size of this image go view it in full glory at the original source.

Secondary Research

Here is a couple of pages I enjoyed doing from my secondary research. Will have to scan the pages when I get my work back from Tony. For now enjoy the standard camera phone pictures :) Although I found secondary research a bit of a pain I have a deeper understanding and appreciation of shoes and high heels in particular.