Sunday, 25 November 2012

D&AD Event in Newcastle (21st November 2012)

So myself and the ever enthusiastic and fellow graphic designer Luvena Petty took ourselves out of Carlisle for the day and visited Newcastle for the D&AD event in Newcastle. The event itself was amazing but I felt the talks didn't go on long enough! It was inspiring to hear how designers broke into the field after University. It gave me a new perspective and I think in my 3rd year I may very well tackle one of the D&AD briefs. Here are some pictures from the day:

The lecture theater was amazing. It was about 3 times the size of ours!

Long time no post!

So many things have been going on in my life I've neglected my blog. In fact I've been away from University for a little while now (due to reasons I'd not like to get into). This will be changing however and I will be posting again/back at University.

The past two weeks we have been given a brief on corporate identity. We were asked to design a logo for various made up companies. I decided to choose the company "Minders Keepers" a house/pet sitting service. When designing the logo I decided to go with these core values.

  • Safe
  • Trustworthy
  • Approachable
  • Friendly

This is my final product:

For the last part of the brief we were asked to create a set of corporate guidelines which explained how to use the logo and it's various applications: