Saturday, 25 January 2014

Taking the bull by the horns.

In University I've been discussing with Zoe where I will see myself after University and what I want to do. I decided to take the bull by the horns and email my CV/Portfolio to companies in Newcastle and New York. As many people know my partner is American and we are in the process of a K-1 Visa. All exciting stuff but scary at the same time. I researched companies I liked the look of at found The Forest Studios. This company had offices in both London and New York. So on a whim I sent a rather...Bold email lets say with no expectations of a reply:

My name is Jennifer Scott. I am currently a 3rd year student studying graphic design at the University of Cumbria in the United Kingdom. Why on earth would I be looking at New York design agencies you might wonder? Bottom line is I am very passionate and know exactly where I want to be. I am currently in the process of a K-1 Visa and will be relocating to Brooklyn by early 2015. I know it's rather ballsy to give my resumes to companies when I have not even left the UK but I feel getting myself out there and putting my foot in the door is always a plus! I hope you'll keep my resume on file and consider me for a future position/placement/employment prospect!

Kind regards,

Now this could be seen as unprofessional but I'd gotten a feel of the website and researched the key members of staff and they seemed like they would probably respond well to my reply (Don't do this unless you know that it'll be taken well!). About 10 minutes later this reply landed in my inbox:

I like ballsy.
Id love to see more of your work as your portfolio grows so please keep in touch…
FYI - you’ll only have 3 months to tie the knot on the K1 or else ;)
Keep in touch
K- -Karl HudsonCreative Director
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 So this is a good learning curve for me that being bold and taking a risk has benefits. You never know what doors may open if you take a leap of faith so to speak.

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