Friday, 16 March 2012

Back to blogging!

So I haven't been very well the past 3 weeks. I however have still been looking/buying stuff that I find intresting. Recently the GRILLUST blog had a post about a book called the a-z of visual ideas listed as a must buy so I invested in a copy. Seriously the BEST £12 I've spent in a long time. It's full of informative information and helpful resources, this is a one to go with my Graphic Design Thinking : Beyond Brainstorming.

Go on just buy them you'll not regret it. So my new project I am working with my fellow graphic designer and friend Luvena. A bit of a shaky start as Luvena and I have soon realised that we have almost the exact same weaknesses (I know what are the chances?) We've been a bit lazy I'll admit but I think we might be starting to crack through the glass ceiling now with this brief and I'm really enjoying it. I'm currently focused on a DIY/Beauty filler which I have named SLAP! Why SLAP! you say? DIY fillers are not exactly known for being expensive it's cheap and cheerful and gets the job done. The kind of woman I envision who'd want to use this product? SLAPPER! The amount of mutton dressed as lamb that tumble out of the nightclubs in Sunderland are my inspiration for SLAP due to the copious amounts of alcohol they consume and the heavy slap that is half melting off her face by the end of a night :) Imagine being able to carry your beauty/DIY filler on the go? You'd be able to patch up your face while fixing the wall your boyfriend just punched in a drunken rage. I think the dictionary has quite a good definition:

  • A girl or woman with no class, style or dignity.
Also the University now has blackboard for smartphones!? My Iphone is happy with the news now theres no excuse to keep up to date with all the goings on from Tony.

Mint <3

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